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Carbine and Rope

Risk Management Solution (RMS)



The Risk Management system (RMS) is a web-based application allowing users to scan a QR code, review equipment checking recommendations and store the equipment review into a cloud-based registry. Released in 2021, the system has a focus on equipment checking however will soon to be the one stop shop for all your Work Health and Safety needs!

Why the RMS?

The RMS aims to collate Work Health and Safety information and checks into one easy-to-use platform!

RMS picture.png

What is the RMS?

The RMS is an online equipment registry.


A club's equipment list is collated, coded and paired with a photo allowing users to scan the resulting QR code, watch an equipment review process and complete their own review themselves.

Watch on to see how the RMS in practice and how it can be used at your club.

How can it help my club?

 The RMS converts your paper checks to a digital format that is stored in the cloud


➢ A record of these checks can be downloaded by the club at any time to meet Insurance and daily compliance checks,

Data Cloud

How can I get involved?

1. Sign up via the Jotform here

2. GNSW will be in contact!

3. Club completes the induction

4. System is used by the club

5. Check out the club calendar for an example timeline for completing an in-depth equipment check!

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