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To access your Certificate of Currency for 2023, Please see the link here.

Sportscover Australia is the General Liability (Public Liability / Professional Indemnity), Personal Accident and Club Management Liability Insurer for clubs who opt into the NRPP in their annual affiliation. 

For clubs who opt-in to the program, they will be able to download their Certificate of Currency via the dedicated gymnastics page on the Honan website.

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Gymnastics Australia offers access to the National Risk Protection Program (NRPP) which provides a set of Insurance Policies for different membership categories at a nationally negotiated rate.

The coverage provided under the Program comprises:

  • general liability;

  • management liability; and

  • personal accident

The range of insurances offered through the NRPP applies to gymnastics members as follows:

  • Participant = Personal Accident

  • Technical Member = Personal Accident / Professional Indemnity

  • Club Member (opt-in) = Management Liability / Public Liability

Technical Member insurance is provided on a rolling 12-month basis aligned with the member’s renewal date. 

Participant and Club insurance is provided on a calendar year basis in line with the club affiliation year. 

The dates of the underlying insurance premiums may not exactly align with these membership periods. The national insurance policies renew annually on 1 November. Gymnastics Australia will always ensure that an appropriate underlying insurance policy is in place to support members who have purchased insurance with their membership.

Honan Sports Insurance

Honan Insurance Group is the Insurance Broker for the Gymnastics Australia National Risk Protection Program.

Please use the contact details below for all queries including claims:

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